EcoMax Program

Our finest lawn fertilizer program is the ultimate way to give your lawn everything it needs to be its very best! Starting in the spring and stretching through to late fall, the EcoMax program delivers maximum fertilizer, maximum weed control, and maximum results! If you want the best, look no further than EcoMax.

*Prices cover most city front and back yards up to 4000 sq. ft. GST extra.

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  • 5 Visits - Spring through late Fall
  • 5 Applications of premium liquid & granular lawn fertilizers‚Ķ Spring to Late Fall!
  • Ongoing dandelion control from spring through to fall delivers the best possible weed control
  • Late Fall granular fertilizer to help your lawn handle the cold winter stress and encourage a quick spring green up
  • Includes our highest level of weed control
  • Delivers the darkest green lawn
  • Phosphate Free
  • Micro Nutrient Booster Pac included!

Scheduled Visits


This vital application includes a fast acting high nitrogen fertilizer that gives your lawn the kick start it needs for a quick green-up this spring. Blanket full coverage dandelion control gets the visible weeds and even the small hard to see ones before they become bigger problems.

Early Summer

Early summer fertilizer extends the vitality of the lawn into the hot part of the summer to maintain colour and thickness. Another full coverage weed control application delivers better longer lasting weed control.

Late Summer

This application includes long lasting slow release fertilizers to keep your lawn looking its best through the hottest, dry part of the summer. No Extra Watering Required!


This important application shifts to a high potassium fall fertilizer blend that stimulates root development to build a thicker, stronger lawn as it moves towards winter. Fall weed control is the best time to target the weeds that have popped up late in the summer.

Late Fall

The Late Fall granular fertilizer ensures your lawn has the nutrients to handle the cold winter stress and encourage a quick green up next spring.