Underground Sprinklers

Now That’s Watering Wisely!

If you don’t have an automatic irrigation system installed on your property, now is a great time to have one put in. Water conservation is more important than ever, and these systems can save a lot when compared to traditional hoses and sprinklers. Automatic irrigation systems allow you to adjust how much, when and where watering is needed, so you can be sure that your lawn, trees and shrubs will always get the right amounts of water at the right times. Plus, extra features like rain shut-of devices, moisture sensors and automatic controllers help to avoid watering waste.

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The most visible benefits of an automatic underground watering system are a lush and beautiful home landscape. There are, however, many advantages that are less obvious.

  • Freedom from hand watering so you can enjoy leisure time.
  • A Beautiful, Green Lawn with no effort.
  • Healthier, faster growing trees & shrubs.
  • Water conservation and lower water bills.
  • Higher property value.

Whether your landscape is an intricate design of turf, trees, shrubs, flowers and plants, or fairly straight forward, Eco Green can design the automatic sprinkler system you need for a beautiful and healthy landscape.

Sprinkler Spraying Lawn
Automatic Irrigation System Throughout Backyard

Quality Parts. Quality Installation.

The most important part of any sprinkler system is the peace of mind that comes from combining quality parts and professional installation. Eco Green offers you both. We only use professional components from the largest and most recognized manufacturers of Sprinkler Systems in the world.

All systems are backed by a great warranty. 1 year parts and labour plus 2 more years on the parts. That’s 3 years on all the parts! Each system we install will be custom designed for your property with careful attention paid to water pressures and being sure all the landscape is watered properly.

Eco Green has been working hard in Winnipeg for over 25 years and has earned a reputation for quality workmanship, dependable service, and fair prices. So if you’re getting tired of dragging the hose around, this is the best year to install an automatic sprinkler system!

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